Helping parents invest for the future.

As college education prices continue to soar, College Savings Trust is helping new parents easily create trusts for their children’s post-high school careers, allowing them to save in ways that have traditionally been costly and complicated.

This is a living document where I will update as the project progresses. The larger scope of work to be accomplished includes various features, and flows for investing funds into trust:

  • Linking to your bank
  • Credit/Debit Deposits
  • ACH
  • Wire transfer
  • Recurring Desposits
  • Text and email invites to invest (relatives)
  • Multiple account managers (guardians)
  • Multiple profiles for children

The user will have ways to monitor their fund in an account view that will allow for functionality like:

  • Projecting term lengths (5, 10, 15 years … )
  • Adjust level of investment risk
  • Compare current funds to projected funds

Another feature being considered at this time is creating events for a child–like a birthday–where parents send out a birthday invite to friends and family suggesting a donation to the college trust fund as an alternative to toys or clothes.

The flows