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I strive to not be snobby about food.

Jeff Nissen

Product Designer

These days I’m a Product Designer. I answer complex questions with the experience of over 10 vetted years of Design and Art Direction with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, publications, and start-ups.

I enjoy having my hands in on the whole design cycle. It’s a good balance of objective decisions backed by data that I help generate, and visually subjective calls backed by a long history of designing.

For fun, I like exploring cities, towns, and nature, discovering things to photograph, eat, and drink. Anything creative really. Building with my hands, making up recipes, smoking meats, dreaming up business ideas, and playing a little piano and guitar are what keep me fueled.

Other loves of mine are my stinking-adorable dog, Charlie, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, and being 57.5% introverted.

I’m seeking the right full-time fit where collaboration, diversity, and culture are held in high esteem.

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