CrowdFund Mainstreet


Crowdfund Mainstreet is a new player to the streets of investing. Recent changes to investment laws allow unaccredited investors (Middle-class America) to invest in small business. 

Enter, Crowdfund Mainstreet (CFM). 

CFM is not quite ready for the public, so my team and I set out to identify who their users would be and what they need and value in order to feel comfortable using a new investment platform.

To give CFM a sense of how their website would look and feel, our team created on-boarding flows for both investors and businesses, a campaign template, account portals; all of which will be used as the basis for further site development.


Product Design/Creative Oversight

My hands were in on all aspects of this project from user interviews, testing at various stages of fidelity, wireframing, UI, and style

From a creative oversight and mentoring standpoint, I made sure a consistent style was produced and implemented into layouts. 


Investing in the United States is changing and more and more, and middle-class Americans and small business owners will continue to learn that accreditation is no longer a limiter to them; Joe and Jenny Smith, from over on 8th and Cherry, can now invest freely in securities of every small business in every city and town across the US. It’s high risk, though, and the SEC with FINRA limit how much investors can shell out in a year.

When it came to running interviews and getting to know folks, it was entertaining to learn of the vast difference in investment knowledge; people either seemed to have a command of investing, or they were nearly crapping their pants at the idea.

What this spelled out for us was that we needed to address two personas and cater to the investor and investee’s who required some hand-holding.

Additional user testing results showed that catering the sites’ AI to those who needed more hand-holding was a good call since those with investment experience showed more aptitude in finding information when navigating early iterations of the campaign page.

Visually, I drew on my experience with branding, color theory, and typography, and shared that knowledge with the team in group working sessions to benefit younger designers.

We diverged and converged a few times on visual styles, applied them to our hi-fi layouts, tested and tweaked a bit more, and handed a 0-1 look-and-feel site over to a very pleased CFM founder.


Company Profile